Car wax, also referred to as automotive wax, is a product used to protect a vehicle's body. This product comes in either natural or synthetic form. The commonly applied types of wax are made from a mixture of carnauba wax blended with beeswax, natural oils, and petroleum distillates. 

The new generation waxes majorly synthetic wax, is achieved by infusing synthetic resins and polymers that produce the hardening and shining effects in the product.

The wax is applied on the body surface and left to dry, and then it is buffed off with preferably a microfiber cloth until the desired shine is achieved. 

Forms of Waxes
Paste Wax 

It is an old-school form of wax with a tough texture that requires heating before use.

Liquid Wax 

 This form of wax is easy to use. Therefore, it is a popular form of automotive wax.

Spray Wax 

 It is generally used as a filler, that is, it bonds to the existing layer of wax and lasts for a short period. 

Colored Wax 

 This wax is made of the same color as the body paint and works very well in filling scratches on the body. The major problem is that modern paint contains a clear coat on the actual paint.



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