When temperatures plunge and snowy weather is on the way, many people reconsider their tire choices. At Valley Imports Mitsubishi, we want you to be informed and choose the best tires for your situation. The following guide will show you the difference between winter and all-season tires.

All-season tires are meant to be a good choice under most driving conditions. On the other hand, winter or snow tires are specifically designed for icy or snowy Fargo streets. Winter tires feature specialty slits to cut into the ice and are made from a material that remains more pliable as temperatures plummet.

Studies have revealed that an average winter tire brakes six feet sooner than its all-season counterpart. Winter tires also tend to slide 30 percent less far than all-season varieties. Carefully consider your driving conditions, habits, and this information to keep your passengers safe during winter travel.


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