Have you been wondering if it's time to change your car's battery? If your car won't start, are you sure it's the battery. If a battery is old, it still might be functional if it's been maintained properly. Do you know what kind you should replace it with?

If the battery appears to be exhausted, you should have it tested by a mechanic. The problem could be a bad alternator not charging it properly, or the battery posts could be covered in corrosion. Topping off the water in the battery cells can help too.

If you need a new battery, you have a few types to choose from. You can go with the traditional lead-acid type, or a lithium-based battery might be a better bargain. Lithium-based batteries are more efficient and will get 10x more cycles than lead-based. If this sounds like a tough decision, call our service department for an appointment today.


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