Your vehicle’s alternator has an important role in your vehicle, yet it’s a part that people tend to overlook until it stops working. When this happens, the result is usually the vehicle not starting in your yard/garage or you being stranded away from home. At Valley Imports Mitsubishi, we want you to be an informed driver that knows how important your alternator is to your car and also what signs to look for to determine if the alternator needs replacing.

Although most people think it’s the battery that allows your vehicle to start, it’s actually the alternator. The battery does give the car power to start, but it’s the alternator that sends electricity and power to the battery to keep it charged. Without a good alternator, the battery would not be able to do its job.

If your car has been starting sluggishly or your lights seem to be dimming, it just might be time to have your alternator inspected and/or replaced. Come to our shop in Fargo, and allow our technicians to inspect and service your vehicle.


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