Have you ever had a flat tire while on the road or been involved in an accident and had to wait for help? If so, you know the importance of having a fully-stocked roadside emergency kit. It might not solve your immediate dilemma but can make the waiting much easier, especially if you have children in the vehicle. Come to Valley Imports Mitsubishi and allow us to help you make your own roadside emergency kit.

Whether you’re stranded in the summer or winter, you’re going to need water and some snacks to keep you going in case you’re there for a while. A working flashlight with extra batteries is also important. Always carry a tool kit, jump cables and a spare tire with you in the truck. Winter weather also requires extra blankets.

Visit our dealership in Fargo, ND to get assistance in making your roadside emergency kit or just for some tips. We’re also available for any other automotive services your vehicle might need.

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