Warning Signs of Leaks and Cracks in Belts & Hoses

If you have noticed sluggish performance from your car lately or heard a loud screeching noise, you could have an issue with a faulty belt or hose. These components tend to break down after a long period of time, but it all depends on your car’s exposure to extreme temperatures, chemicals, and everyday use. For older cars, it’s imperative that you get the belts and hoses checked with every oil change.

The two most important belts to check include the timing belt and serpentine belt. If your car has a crack in the timing belt, your engine may backfire or fail, but you will likely notice a reduction of power beforehand. Faulty serpentine belts will also create problems, leading to a loss of power steering. Coolant hoses carry antifreeze to your radiator, so if a crack or leak leads to chemical exposure to your engine, other issues could arise and cause engine failure.

Our professional mechanics recommend checking your belts and hoses every 3,000 miles if you have an older vehicle. Need to get a diagnostic today? Why not get the repairs you need at the best price? You can stop by Valley Imports Mitsubishi for amazing service and prices.


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