The Importance of Brake Pads

Without brake pads, your car will not stop properly. Pads are an integral part of a car's entire braking system. When you press your brake pedal, your pads provide pressure to the brake rotors, which results in your car slowing down and ultimately coming to a complete stop.

Brake rotors are the discs behind the wheels of most vehicles. When the pads start to apply pressure to the rotors, it creates friction. Without this friction, vehicles of any kind will not slow down or stop. Although the function of brake pads is pretty straightforward, the actual pads are critically important. Because brake pads are in constant use when you are slowing or stopping your car, they will start to wear out.

If it is time to replace your brake pads, come see us today at Valley Imports Mitsubishi and let one of our automotive specialists get you back on the road safely.


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