Fargo drivers who buy used cars have the benefit of making initial depreciation work in their favor. When any new vehicle is taken home, it loses thousands of dollars in value the second its tires hit the pavement. As such, savvy shoppers are able to snap up excellent deals on vehicles that have barely been driven, and that look and handle just like they've rolled off the assembly line. At Valley Imports Mitsubishi, we want to share two additional reasons why buying a used car can be an incredibly cost-effective decision.

You'll Pay Less To Insure Your Vehicle

For some drivers, the monthly costs of insuring their new cars can be just as high as their actual car payments. With used vehicles, however, drivers pay less for both basic and comprehensive auto insurance. That's because the assessed value of an auto plays a major role in determining  its coverage rate. With less to pay for insurance, you'll have more money to spend on customizing your ride, or more money to save.

Registering a Used Car Costs a Lot Less

Due to their lower sales prices, used cars also cost a lot less to register. When paired with lower insurance premiums, cheaper registration fees will help you stretch your budget further. Stop by Valley Imports Mitsubishi today to check out our inventory of used cars or to take one of our autos out for a test drive.



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