Get into the habit of asking for wheel alignment service when taking a car in for routine maintenance. Even if nothing is wrong, at least a professional measurement via a specialized machine will tell the real story. If the wheel angles are wrong, a technician can work on fixing the problem.

A vehicle relies on three angles, called the toe, caster, and camber, to keep proper tire connection on the road. When off, poor wheel alignment skews tracking and wears down the tires.

A common reason why wheels get knocked out of alignment is impact. Hitting anything on the road, even at a low speed, could misalign things. Don’t think this is the only cause, though. Parts such as struts and shocks can wear down, leading to poor alignment. For this reason and more, make sure to get the alignment checked during routine service visits.

Bring your car in for a wheel alignment or other maintenance work at our dealership. The service department will take care of the request.


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