Here at our conveniently located facility, our Mitsubishi service technicians enjoy helping drivers to spot signs of car trouble. One area that is of great concern to drivers of every vehicle is trouble with the starter motor. Among other things, a well-functioning starter enables vehicle operators to start and operate their vehicles at the times of their choosing. As such, it is of key importance for vehicle owners to keep their starters in shape.

To this end, it can be useful for vehicle owners to have knowledge about some commonly seen starter issues. First, vehicle operators who hear whining sounds when they turn their starters may be dealing with motor freewheeling. In this situation, the gears on the starter motor are out of sync with the flywheel gears and this results in a loss of power.

Another common sign that vehicle owners can look out for is strange grinding noises coming from the starter motor when they turn their keys. Such grinding noises often indicate severe gear wear or misalignment that can cause flywheel damage and starter failure.

Yet another common sign of possibly severe starter damage is smoke emanating from the engine during engagements of the starter motor. While the presence of smoke can indicate many issues, it is often a sign of faulty electrical connections or internal engine fluid leakage.



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