Winter Wiper Blades Explained

At Valley Imports Mitsubishi, we try to keep our consumers prepared for driving in harsh weather conditions. Snow, ice, and freezing rain can make driving dangerous during the winter and early spring. Keeping your windshield clear is important, which is why winter wiper blades are necessary when you are driving in adverse weather.

Winter blades are more sturdy than summer wiper blades, and winter wiper blades only have one moving part, which is to make certain that exposed parts will not become clogged with ice or snow. They are made of a thick, synthetic rubber that stays soft and flexible in freezing temperatures. The durable rubber is resistant to ice build-up and tearing in freezing temperatures.

When you have winter wipers installed, be sure to use a quality windshield washer fluid to help keep your windshield clear of salt and slush build-up. Many consumers have winter wipers installed when they have winter tires put on.



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