Incorrect Tire Pressure Has a Negative Impact on Your Vehicle

The tire pressure indicator in your vehicle may be illuminated when severe cold or hot weather expands or constricts the tires. If the indicators are going on and staying on, you want to adjust the air pressure or the following conditions could occur.

Too little air in the car tires will cause your vehicle to ride on the sides of the tread as more tire contacts road surface. This not only increases the chances of the tires experiencing a blowout, it is harder to maneuver the vehicle. Too much air in the car tires puts less tread on the road, a big problem during inclement weather when you need as much tread contacting the road surface as possible. Uneven wear will occur right down the middle of the tires as a result.

Don't delay when you begin to see tire tread wearing unevenly, bring the car to Valley Imports Mitsubishi for tire rotations and inspection.

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