Tire Blowout: Don't Let it Happen to You

As inconvenient as it is to have a flat tire, tire blowouts are even worse. Tire blowouts are inconvenient, costly and can be very dangerous. At Valley Imports Mitsubishi, we offer a full selection of tires for sale as well as tire services.

There may be times when tire blowouts are unavoidable, but often they can be prevented by good tire maintenance. Following these tips can keep your tires in good shape as long as possible.

  • Keep tires inflated with the psi recommended by the owner's manual.
  • Have your tires rotated every 6,000 miles.
  • Have the wheels aligned when you have new tires installed or if the car appears to pull to one side.

If you're interested in having your tires inspected, would like new tires, or just would like to schedule some other automotive work, stop at our Fargo, ND location. We'll be sure to take care of you quickly and efficiently.

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