Your Transmission Deserves a Break Today

Although we make it a priority to have engine oil changed regularly in our vehicles, we frequently overlook another important system that needs to have its fluid replaced on a normal basis – the transmission.

Transmissions contain important parts, including gears, that must work efficiently any time your car moves. These parts would hesitate, freeze, or fail if it weren’t for transmission fluid. This important additive keeps parts moving, regulates temperature, and optimizes performance. However, the fluid that remains in your transmission beyond the manufacturer’s recommendation will actually facilitate the breakdown of internal parts, through increased operating temperatures and particle retention.

The team members here at Valley Imports Mitsubishi are your transmission experts. Our affordable maintenance package ensures that your transmission is properly drained, cleaned, and inspected. We use only the highest-grade automatic transmission fluid for your vehicle type for longer life. Don’t wait until your transmission develops costly problems – schedule your appointment with us today!

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