Schedule Your Future Service Appointments Online at Valley Imports Mitsubishi

The wait time to get your vehicle serviced at the dealership just went down significantly. Now that you can access the online service scheduler, customers are selecting when they want their cars on the lift so they can get in and out of the bay in the quickest and most convenient manner possible

Imagine being able to pull into the crowded parking lot of the service center and have them roll your car right in and on to the lift. This is exactly what you can do today if you make use of our online service scheduler. Select the day, choose an open time slot, and roll into your local dealership when your time is due. Our team of factory trained Mitsubishi technicians will be awaiting your arrival and will get to work immediately on getting your vehicle back in like new condition in no time!

Regardless of what sort of servicing your vehicle needs, we encourage you to book different maintenance checks in advance, from tire rotations, engine tune-up, to getting the oil changed.

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