Signs That Your Exhaust System Has a Leak

Nobody wants to have to deal with a problem with their vehicle, but if you suspect something is going on, it is always a good idea to have your vehicle looked at right away at a trusted auto repair shop before a larger problem will occur. When it comes to your exhaust, you may notice a number of issues going on which indicate there is some sort of problem. This can include:

  • The portion of your exhaust pipe that is visible to you may be showing signs of rust or chips and cracks.
  • You may have condensation coming from your exhaust.
  • You may have smoke or steam coming from the rear pipes.
  • You may notice a strong smell coming from your exhaust when your vehicle is running.

If you suspect any of these issues are going on, give us here at Valley Imports Mitsubishi a call so we can bring your vehicle in to our service center.

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