Get Your Car in Shape for the Weather with Seasonal Maintenance

Getting your car in shape with seasonal maintenance is a good idea. This stops or slows irritating problems weather brings. In cold weather, batteries are likely to give trouble, in summer, cars over heat. Hoses with too much wear seem to find the weakest point when the weather is too cold, or too hot, and any leak or worn part seems to show itself when weather is severe.


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How Your Budget and Total Cost Of Ownership Factor into Your Decision

Your decision to buy a vehicle needs to revolve around your budget. You have a certain amount of expendable income you can utilize toward a vehicle. The total cost of ownership goes beyond just the monthly car payment; it considers other factors like gas, insurance, state fees, and maintenance. Our team at Valley Imports Mitsubishi is here to break down those unknown variables that come with owning a new car.

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Choose the Local Service Expertise of Valley Imports Mitsubishi for Your Vehicle

Never question where to take your vehicle for service when our staff at Valley Imports Mitsubishi is available for drivers throughout the Fargo, ND area. We are unlike the small garage that keeps you waiting for weeks to get your car back. We not only understand the importance of your vehicle to be fixed fast but we know you want it fixed right.

Our Service Department stays on top of what parts we need to carry and with our large selection of OEM parts we can get repairs done in a timely manner. Our team is not only fast, but…

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When To Rotate Your Tires

Surprisingly, tire rotation is not a high priority for some car owners. Of course, it is important for you to realize that car maintenance is important. It is also a good idea to place tire rotation higher on your car maintenance list. Do you know when to rotate your tires? Here are clues that your tires need rotation.

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Mitsubishi Ambition in Tokyo Motor Show

A Future in Concept

We know from Mitsubishi the new concept vehicle is poised to be the all-new flagship concept for the brand.

Pursuing the Future

The vehicle will be a high-performance automobile that utilizes Mitsubishi Motor's 4WD system and electric powertrain technology with advanced artificial intelligence.

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